How to Travel in Chicago: Tour Frank Lloyd Wright Houses

Unity Temple Interior
Unity Temple Interior

Travel to Chicago cannot help but be influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright architecture, shocking in its beauty. Can you imagine contracting an architect to build your home and they build it completely furnished?  Then, your sales contract has a clause that you must keep the furniture, as is? The only saving grace is that Frank Lloyd Wright is the person leading the build, and build he did.

Chicago is Frank Lloyd Wright’s home town

When you travel to Chicago, your stay at a First Class Chicago brownstone or high rise vacation rental would not be complete if you didn’t add a bit of Mr. Wright to your stay. First, you book a room at First Class Chicago in one of our sumptuous high rise vacation rentals, or  an elegant brownstone.

Travel in Chicago: Check out Oak Park IL

Oak Park is a little town 10 miles from our high rise but it is well worth the trek. In Oak Park alone you will find:

  • Frank Lloyd Wright’s Home and Studio: This place is amazing for so many reasons. I have been to many of the homes Frank spent time in and this is an  absolute charmer. Don’t miss the octagonal library and the drafting tables in his work studio. A friend of mine came home from this tour and built a copy of the desk for himself.
  • The Unity Temple: Still operates as a Unitarian Universalist church. Come for a worship service on Sunday with the Universalists or call to schedule a tour. The glass work in the church is different than most religious stained glass but equally awe inspiring.
  • Walking Tour of Oak Park ( ): Stroll through the tree lined streets and enjoy the 20+ homes built by Frank Lloyd Wright. Grab a picnic lunch and feast in Austin Gardens Park.
Wright Studio
Wright Studio

Tour Wright Architecture in Chicago Proper

If you don’t want to drive all the way into Oak Park…..STOP right there…. make that drive… It is worth it! But if you want to do more Frank Lloyd Wright closer to your vacation rental, Chicago boasts Wright architecture at every turn. Some closer Wright options include:

  • The Robie House: This building, on the campus of the University of Chicago was built by Frank Lloyd Wright for Mr. Frederick Robie. It is open for tours through its restoration. This place is a pretty big deal in the architectural community. Might be worth a gander.
  • The Lobby at the Rookery: This is the lobby where Frank Lloyd Wright had his downtown office. When the lobby was renovated, Frank Lloyd Wright headed it up. The magically bright ironwork and lighting are incredibly dramatic.

*Insider’s Note: fork up and take the tour when you travel in Chicago. Your docents are generally highly educated about Frank Lloyd Wright, his architecture, and the general period. The tour is essential to maximizing your Wright experience. You will not be sorry. Mr. Wright’s architecture encompasses the beauty of each and every part of the environment.

It is a sensual experience to tour one of his homes and I have seen them from Arizona to Wisconsin. Frank Lloyd Wright and First Class Chicago High Rise and Brownstone Vacation Rentals is the perfect combination for your particular taste. Let me tell you…I know particular.