5 Reasons to Try Chicago Gastropubs and 5 of Chicago's Best Gastropubs to Try!


For those of you who have never supped and drank at one of Chicago's gastropubs, you are missing out on a new and delightful dining experience. In a most basic definition, a gastropub is a high-bred fusion of a fine restaurant and a gritty pub, giving you the best of both worlds.

When staying at a vacation rental at First Class Chicago Vacation Rentals, the hippest, chic-est vacation rentals in Chicago, don’t be left out of the gastropubs craze that is sweeping the nation with Chicago in tow.

In our Craft Beer blog we hinted at the bounty of the gastropub experience and here we plan on giving you the inside scoop on Chicago gastropubs.

What You Get with Chicago Gastropubs

  1. Atmosphere: You are in Chicago. You are staying in an incredible vacation rental at First Class Chicago, either a shockingly amazing high rise rental or  brownstone in the luxurious Gold Coast neighborhood. Your mood is lively, yet relaxed. You want the finest in leather and wood furniture. You want your experience to be the entertainment. Well, you don’t have to go far. Chicago gastropubs give you unparalleled fun, people watching, and occasionally, some live music.
  2. Food: Really, I debated whether or not this should be the first or second bullet point because the food could be the star of the show. Without it, there would be no gastro in gastropub. The food is generally top notch and caters to upper class tastes. You can find all sorts of fun, from pork belly to die for to Charcuterie platters. You will come for the food but stay for the dining experience.
  3. Beer: The beer is extensive and broad spectrum. You will find craft beers on special release; you will find exotic ales from all over the world. Sometimes, they will have a limited list of exquisite choices and other times their list will be so long, you will need the assistance of the informed wait staff to guide you to your wet whistle destination.
  4. Cost: For all their upscale intoxicants and mouth-watering menus, Chicago gastropubs are affordable. They are not rock bottom cheap but they are a great bargain for what you get. Everyone can sample the delicacies that are only offered for hundreds of dollars per plate at finer establishments.
  5. Availability: Chicago Gastropubs are everywhere. You can be picky and find one with your favorite type of beer and your favorite food but it will be hard to find one that doesn’t have your style of beer and grub. Also, they are available to you if you are alone, or on a date. You can even take your kids and not feel like you are dragging them to a bar.

Five of the Best Chicago Gastropubs

Now that I have you on the edge of your seat, let me give you 5 of the most awesome gastropub establishments near your First Class Chicago Vacation Rental accommodations.

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When you stay First Class you want to eat First Class and a gastropub will give you the satisfaction of a great time and food that is at once comfort food and elegant beyond compare. Take the time during your stay with us at First Class Vacation Rentals to enjoy Chicago like a local!