Where to Get the Best Hot Dog in Chicago

What’s in a Dog?A Chicago Dog, that is. I asked my intelligent, semi-astute teenage daughter what she thought of when she thought of Chicago.



“It is the Windy City, you know?” She rolls her eyes.

“Don’t you think of anything else…isn’t there any bit of history or a famous person Chicago brings to mind?”

“Oh! hot dogs.”

That got me thinking about the nature of a Chicago style hot dog. What exactly does a Chicago Dog encompass? When I am staying at a First Class Chicago Vacation Rental, where can I consume one of these tasty treats?

Chicago Hot Dogs: Not Your Ordinary Hot Dog


So…I decided to do some research, specifically hands-on research. I promptly booked a stay at in a First Class Chicago High Rise Vacation Rental. I love this job! If you have not stayed in one of these, I highly recommend it. It is bucket list material.

Then, I sat back and let my fingers do the walking. I searched long and hard for the meaning of the Chicago Hot Dog. I wanted to know exactly what made it tick. What made this dog so special? Special, it is!

There is nothing quite like a Chicago Dog and it is well worth its reputation. A traditional Chicago Dog is all beef and water simmered. Right there, I am blown away. I am used to grilled dogs, bubbly and browned. Next, they stick this dog on a poppy seed bun. The best is yet to come because the toppings are to die for. You get yellow mustard, white onions, sweet relish, a dill pickle spear, fresh or pickled tomatoes (depending on who you ask), pickled peppers, and a sprinkling of celery salt. As my mouth watered, I came to comprehend the true mystic nature of this dog. A Chicago Dog is like no other. I had to find one.

Oooh and one little SECRET….do not grab for the ketchup. Half of the hot dog sellers don’t even carry the stuff, the other half uses it as a litmus test of your taste and....who knows what else.

Finding the Best Hot Dog in Chicago


From your First Class Chicago Brownstone Vacation Rental or my high rise, the quintessential dog….or should I say dawg... is within your reach. Superdawg Drive-In blew my socks off. Right away you are taken back to another era with their retro drive in order boxes and your window trays. I kept asking if we were really eating this way in 2012. Then came the loveliest of dawgs. For $5.50, you too can experience utter delight in the form of the best hot dog in Chicago. Superdawg is located at 6363 North Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago.

chicago dog house
chicago dog house

If you feel more adventuresome, you may want to try outChicago’s Dog House. The best part is that you can go for multiple outrageous dogs for an almost unthinkably low price. You get your Chicago Style Dog for a mere $2.50. Where on earth can you get anything for $2.50? Here, you can get one of the best hot dogs in Chicago. Since you saved all your pennies on that dog, you can now venture out into uncharted territory. Do you dare? Kangaroo or Smoked Duck may be in your future. Chicago’s Dog House is located at 816 W. Fullerton in the Lincoln Park neighborhood.

My stay at First Class Chicago was incredible. Do not come to Chicago and blow your chance to experience authentic Chicago. There are things in this city you need to see and experience. One of them is a First Class Chicago Vacation Rental; the other is a Chicago Dog!