5 Reasons to Choose Chicago Vacation Rentals over Magnificent Mile Hotels this Holiday Season


The holidays are upon us. We have already begun the slippery slide from the changing of the clocks to New Year's Day. I am frightened! It seems so close and there are so many festivities to partake in and so much traveling to do.  That has always been a sticky situation with our family. We enjoy traveling during the only break both kids get simultaneously but we HATE spending Thanksgiving or Christmas break in a hotel room. It is bleak. I have done it. However, there is another option: A Vacation Rental. First Class Chicago Vacation Rentals provide exactly the option to a rotten hotel holiday experience.  Take a look at the pictures of these places and you will understand my meaning. You can choose a First Class Chicago Brownstone in the Gold Coast neighborhood of Chicago or a First Class Chicago Vacation Rental High Rise, downtown . Either way, you are set.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Chicago Vacation Rentals over Magnificent Mile Hotels

So to the query….what are the top 5 reasons to choose a vacation rental in 2012 this holiday season?

  1. Your whole family stays together under one roof. With the option of a one or two bedroom suite and we can generally accommodate a sizable group under a single roof.
  2. You can actually enjoy a holiday meal on the dining room table of your rental. There are luxury kitchens at the First Class Chicago Vacation rentals so you have the option of cooking your own recipes, or ordering out, or a hybrid of the two. Either way you can display your spread and gather around a holiday table.
  3. LEFTOVERS!!! Because you have a kitchen, you have a refrigerator large enough to contain your holiday feast remnants.
  4. Entertaining is a breeze. Whether you are in town for the holidays for business or pleasure, your entertaining needs will be met and surpassed. Imagine hosting your business partner and his wife wilst sipping champagne looking at the Chicago skyline. The season was never so bright.
  5. Anything is better than Christmas morning in a hotel.

Chicago is magical over the holidays. It is an experience to share with friends and loved ones. Spend the seasons with us at First Class Chicago.....May the merry begin!!!