Chicago Fitness 2013 Resolutions: They're a Keeper


The first month of the year at First Class Chicago Vacation Rentals and the crew are feeling the same crunch as all you. We are overweight and bored and trying to face the anti-climax of the end of the holiday season.  What we know at First Class Chicago is that a vacation to Chicago in one of our Brownstone or High Rise Rentals can provide the excitement you need and you can still keep all your New Year’s fitness resolutions.

Walk Chicago for Fitness

First, at First Class Chicago, you will be staying in one of our Brownstone or High Rise Rentals. Both options provide tons of opportunities to walk the beautiful neighborhoods of Chicago. If you stay in a First Class Chicago Brownstone, you will get to tour the incredible architecture of the Gold Coast Neighborhood.  In our high rise….well,  you get downtown. With both, you can walk along Lake Michigan until your heart is content. The locations of our First Class Chicago vacation rentals make your New Year’s Chicago fitness resolutions attainable.

Healthy Dining in Chicago

You have to eat and on vacation you want to go crazy and taste all a city has to offer. Lucky for you when you are staying at a First Class Chicago Brownstone or High Rise there are many eateries that allow you to maintain your New Year’s Chicago Fitness resolution.  Here are a couple.

The Protein Bar: This place is amazing and you can pretty much go crazy and order anything you want and you will never feel shorted or that you are missing out. It is the safest place to go if you are trying to maintain your fitness resolution. There are seven locations in Chicago. Walk to one for breakfast and another for lunch.

New Life Health Foods & Restaurant: This place is located at 3141 West Roosevelt Road. It is a health food store with a little inexpensive, yet delicious, café.

Of course, you can always go vegetarian with

Native Foods or

The Vegetarian Express at 3109 N Halsted St.

Where to Keep Your Chicago Fitness Resolutions

Whew….as if all this talk about healthy eating doesn’t wear you out enough, your New Year’s fitness resolution would not be complete without, you guessed it , exercise!! If you stay at a First Class Chicago High Rise, you are all set: both lovely vacation rentals are located in a building with a Chicago fitness gym. Just wake up and you are there. However, if you are in a First Class Chicago Brownstone rental, you may want to sample some of the special health spas Chicago offers.

Fitness Formula Club: This is a Chicago phenom that will support even your most extreme New Year’s fitness resolution. They are regularly rated Chicago’s #1 health spa

X-Sport Fitness: If you go online , you can request a 7 day guest pass. Bonus, you can work out for free!

Finally, us girls need something for just us so, if you dare, you can attend a class at

Flirty Girl Fitness

When you come and stay at First Class Chicago Brownstone or High Rise Vacation Rentals, Chicago has you covered. You don’t have to worry about keeping any New Year’s Fitness resolution with us. We know how make all your resolutions realities.  Enjoy First Class Chicago your way!!