Foodies Rejoice at "EATALY" in Chicago

Attend the Italian Food&Wine Festival at Eataly Chicago October 14-16th, 2014


As they say…..Italians do it better and Eataly in Chicago proves just that!  Spending two hours on a Sunday with a girlfriend wandering through the 63,000 square feet of pure Italian heaven!  With 22 different restaurants and bars under one roof (and two floors), we spent our time discovering cheeses, persciutto vino, Italian beers, pastas, dry-aged beef and nutella options!   We grabbed a glass of wine and strolled through the delicate handmade pasta areas, tomato sauces, truffles stand, fresh fish and cheese from every Italian nook and cranny.  So fun discovering all the different kitchen gadgets I had never even heard of before, and flipping through every Italian cookbook in existence! 

The cheese market at Eataly Chicago... what DON'T they have!

The cheese market at Eataly Chicago... what DON'T they have!

But wait, there’s more, you can also take cooking classes and seminars right here and learn the true secrets of Italian cooking!

Perfect timing for fall….a food and wine festival is happening at Eataly on October 14, 15 & 16, 2014. Book your Brownstone now and join the Italian heaven here on earth, I mean here in Chicago!

Ciao for now!!